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1992 National Championship Men's Soccer Team
1992 National Championship Men's Soccer Team

YORK – The 1992 York College Men's Soccer team will be inducted into the York College Athletic Hall of Fame on October 20, 2017, at a luncheon event at 11:00 a.m. (RSVP for this event using the form below.) The team won the NSCAA National Championship for the second time in three years. Their record of 14-2-1 was capped with their championship victory over New Hampshire Tech 4-3.

Head Coach Brad Fisher earned his second national championship and gave all the praise to his team. "It was a team effort in 1990 and a team effort again this year," he said. "There were a lot of guys that really wanted it. This year everyone played hard and deserved to win and the guys went out and did what they needed to do to win."

The coach and players will be recognized at a luncheon on Friday afternoon and at the Homecoming basketball game on Saturday. All are invited to relive the guts and glory of the 1992 championship season as we will enjoy team speakers and a highlight reel of the game at the Athletic Hall of Fame induction luncheon on Friday. The full video of the game will be shown Friday afternoon on campus for those that would like to see it. Tickets are $25 for the Chances R' catered event. Proceeds support Panther Athletics. 

Players from the '92 team include James Jerome, Brian Glendenning, Steve Arledge, Corey Kuroiwa, Jeremy Maxwell, Drew Wetzel, Julio Ibarra, Jason Church, Matt Coppinger, Jerrod Crouch, Juan Grant, Tim Carr, Matt Smith, Lenny Virgili, Bobby Conner, Mark Assante, Travis Hulock, John Seamen, PJ Smith, Lance Takao, Harold Pimenta, Johnny Parks, Ricky Pruitt, Nate Cleveland, Brian Edmondson, Jeff Fuller, Nate Reiser, Chris Luther, Darren Thompson, Kevin Reed, Jeremy Colbeck, and coach Brad Fisher. (Each member of the team has a free ticket to the Athletic Hall of Fame lunch, plus two complimentary tickets for family members. All reservations must be made through the form below.

The 1992 team is the second Team of Distinction to be inducted into the York College Athletic Hall of Fame. The 1990 Men's Soccer team was inducted in 2015; this team also won the NCSAA National Championship.

For more information on the York College Athletic Hall of Fame please click here.

*Many members of the team have already been contacted, however, the athletic department has been unable to obtain current contact information for all members of the team.  It is our desire to include everyone on the 1992 squad, if possible. If you have contact information for any of the team members please forward on to Vice President of Enrollment and Athletics Jared Stark at


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